Securing the future of Montcalm at the Brewery

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A City of London Destination

Montcalm Group are delighted to present a public consultation on proposals for renewed investment in Montcalm at The Brewery, 52 Chiswell Street.

We are proposing a series of sensitive upgrades to secure the hotel’s long-term future, improving energy efficiency and ensuring it complies with the highest standards in guest amenity.

Our proposals will restore the hotel’s long-term contribution to the City of London’s visitor economy. The design will also introduce sympathetic modern interventions to celebrate The Montcalm’s historic character.

About Montcalm at the Brewery

Montcalm at The Brewery is a 5-star hotel located at 52 Chiswell Street.

It is a member of The Montcalm Luxury Hotels Group, which specialise in blending the classic and contemporary in hotels across the City and West End. The hotel is set within the Grade II listed The Brewery, a crucial part of City of London heritage.

Formerly the site of Whitbread & Co, Britain’s first purpose-built mass production brewery, the original building dates back to the mid-eighteenth century when Samuel Whitbread moved his brewing operations to Chiswell Street on the eastern rim of Georgian London. The last beer was brewed here in 1976, when the site became Whitbread PLC’s Head Office and the City of London’s leading Conference & Banqueting Centre, The Brewery.

This historic location is now home to the Montcalm, which includes 235 guest rooms, alongside two bar/restaurants and a lounge. Despite its rich legacy, the existing hotel is currently in need of significant investment to ensure it can meet evolving guest expectations and remain at the forefront of the luxury market. The MEP system is significantly outdated and below the standards of contemporary thermal and carbon efficiency. There is also potential to significantly improve existing bedroom stock and public areas to ensure a premium guest experience.

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Our vision

Securing the long-term future of the hotel

Improving guest amenity for a genuinely authentic luxury experience

Upgrade existing plant and systems for improved energy and thermal efficiency

Sympathetic modern additions to the hotel’s historic character

A sensitive roof configuration to house the new plant and upgrades

A considerate approach which preserves neighbouring views and amenity


Securing the future of the hotel
The refurbishment will elevate the Montcalm’s existing bedroom stock and public areas to deliver meaningful improvements to guest amenity to meet the changing expectations of the modern luxury traveller. All guest rooms will be updated with a light-touch refurbishment, with additional enhancements to public areas including the reception, lounge bar and winter garden. There will also be a reconfiguration of bedroom levels to complement the existing buildings.

The updates will ensure that the Montcalm can remain at the forefront of the luxury hospitality market, ensuring its long-term contribution to the City of London’s visitor economy.
Unlocking the Montcalm’s heritage
The Montcalm is a key aspect of the City of London’s rich history, with the Grade II listed Brewery dating back to the 18th century as the site of Whitbread & Co, Britain’s first purpose-built mass production brewery. The proposals will restore original room layouts and reveal original materials where possible. The design of the roof configuration will also reference and celebrate the Montcalm’s industrial heritage.
Improving sustainability
The refurbishment will significantly improve the Montcalm’s thermal and energy performance. This will include upgrades to the existing plant and MEP system, and a transition to an all-electric system wherever possible. The proposed interventions will also rationalise and upgrade the inefficient and untidy plant at roof level.
Design approach and protecting neighbouring amenity
Protecting existing residential amenity is at the heart of our design considerations. The proposals will include a sensitive rooftop extension to create a long-term home for the required plant and accommodate the re-organised bedroom levels. The extension has been designed to limit visibility from the street, with a chamfered profile and proportions reflecting the existing building. The flank to the corner of Chiswell Street and Milton Street elevations will also be restrained to limit visibility.

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Chiswell Street Entrance

Chiswell Street View

Courtyard View

About Montcalm Group

We believe in a future where the best of the past is preserved and perfected.
Preserving what is timeless about the art of hospitality, we set out to perfect it with continual innovation in the guest experience, and pioneer new ways to enjoy it. It keeps us current, yet rooted in our communities – the places that make us who and what we are.
Fleeting fads and momentary trends just aren’t our thing. Instead, we put our energies into creating memorable moments and making them last. To stay at a Montcalm then is to experience something of lasting worth.
Architect: EPR
Planning consultant: DP9
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Join us at our drop-in public exhibition where you can find out more about our plans and offer your feedback.
Public Exhibition
Date: Thursday 6th June
Hour: 3pm- 7pm
Location: Samuel Room, Montcalm at the Brewery, 52 Chiswell Street
Online Survey
Complete our online survey to have your say on our proposals. Available until Monday 10th June TBC.